Top Five Calorie Foods For Babies That Are Hard To Avoid

If you have read articles like this before, then you know how difficult it can be to choose between the high calorie foods for babies and healthy, tasty alternatives. What if I told you there was a way to pick and choose only the healthy, good choices? You have certainly found a way to avoid the high calorie foods for babies and stay healthy too.

high calorie foods for babies

Foods With High Calorie Ingredients: Butter, chocolate, cheese, canned vegetables, raw meat, ice cream, honey, rice cereal… The list goes on. The best low fat, high nutrient baby foods, healthy baby food ideas, and simple add-ins and tips for cutting calories out of every meal you prepare. Everything you need in one place!

There is one thing you should know about your baby. Babies and kids vary in calories, so they all need different amounts of each food type. You can make a delicious, low fat, high nutrient, and delicious lunch or dinner by simply using skim milk instead of whole milk, oatmeal instead of rice cereal, bananas and applesauce instead of jelly or cake mix, fresh vegetables (broccoli, squash, celery, carrots, cauliflower, etc. ), tuna salad (organic is best), and low fat mayonnaise.

Egg Yolk: Only mothers can tell when their babies are hungry by the look of pureed egg yolk. Pureed egg yolk can easily be converted into a fine, nutritious, white chunky fondue. There are dozens of uses for pureed egg yolk. You can make a fine soup or dip, top warm cereals, or use it in your baked fish. It’s versatile and nutritious without being calorie heavy.

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Peanut Butter: Most moms wonder if peanut butter is okay to feed their babies, but most brands contain at least 15% calories. Even “low fat” versions are high in calories. So stay away from these products and opt for unsugared or low-fat plain yogurt instead. Look for unsweetened varieties if you want to keep your child’s interest but don’t want to give up the chocolate. Another great source of calcium is tofu. Tofu is also high in protein and is a good source of zinc, which is especially important for young, growing babies who may be at risk for anemia.

Chicken Breast: Studies have shown that giving babies formula or breast milk can actually increase the amount of high calorie foods for babies in the diet. So while the formula is better than breast milk for gaining nutrients, it is definitely not a good choice for feeding your baby with high calorie foods for babies. If you decide to feed your child formula, be sure to read the labels. Many brands now advertise that they are low in calories and are really just a lot of sugar and artificial flavor. If you still insist on giving your baby formula, look for one that is made from rice, wheat, or corn instead of soy or soy milk.

Cheese: Like soy, cheese is high calorie food for babies, but some brands have reduced the fat and sodium in their cheese to make it palatable. Make sure you read the label carefully. For instance, if you read that a brand has one gram of fat per 4 ounce serving, it means it has more fat than the traditional cheddar cheese. You can still give your baby cheese; just use low fat or skim milk. In addition, there are many low calorie and low fat cheeses that are available today. Whichever you choose, remember it is okay to add it to your baby food diet later.

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Butter: Although many mothers-to-be fear the thought of using butter on their baby’s face, there are actually sweet treats that are high in calories and fat. When buying your baby cereal, try to get one that uses rice cereal base, not enriched, or skim milk. The pureed or finely chopped baby butter may also be a good choice. Just be sure to use the real thing. To minimize the chance that butter is too much for your baby, remember to cut it into very small pieces, very similar to how you would make gourmet popcorn. The pureed or finely chopped butter will taste much better than if you put it onto a cereal or other grain.