Teach Child To Blow Their Nose

teach child to blow nose

Teach Child To Blow Their Nose

Teaching a child to blow nose is very important. If a child is brought up from an early age, he/she will automatically start blowing the nose when they are about 3 years old. Hence, if you want to stop your kid from starting this habit, you need to teach them to stop at an earlier stage.

The first thing that you should teach your child is not to blow their nose. This can be done by simply asking them to spit or gargle with water. But, it is advisable to teach them to do both these things using a plastic cup instead of water. After that, you should show your child how to blow the nose properly and explain to them the process of doing it. A few times per day, you can teach your child how to do these things properly in front of you.

To teach your child to do the breathing exercise properly, you can do the same with the normal coughing exercise. For this, you will just have to hold the paper bag in your hand and put your face close to it. Then, say “I feel like you are going to start to cough.” Your child should then understand that coughing usually happens when a person wants to get rid of something.

You can also tell your child to start using his/her nose. You can do this by making his/her nose small enough so that you can see his/her nostrils. With this gesture, your child will get the idea that he/she should blow the nose when his/her nose gets too large. At the same time, you can also teach your child to use his/her mouth. This is very important because your child needs to learn how to talk properly as well as use the mouth properly.

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Once you are done with the two basic teaching techniques, you can move on to teaching your child to blow the nose while he/she is sitting down. You can do this by having your child sit down next to the toilet. However, you should not force your child to sit. Just have him/her sit down for a few minutes so that the child will have a sense of sitting down and blowing the nose. When the child uses the mouth, you can start rewarding your child generously.

It is important to know that children need to be made fun when they are using the bathroom. If your child does not get the sense of humor, then he/she may start blowing his/her nose really hard. You can also have your child keep a diary where you can write down what he/she is doing when they feel like blowing their nose. If you think that your child might be getting a wrong notion about blowing the nose, then you should talk to your child directly about the matter so that he/she understands properly.

The next step that you can take when it comes to teaching your child to blow his/her nose is to teach your child the proper way to blow his/her nose. First, you should ask your child if he/she wants to go to the bathroom or if he/she needs to go outside. You should also let your child know that using the bathroom is better than going outside because the allergens that may be in the air will cause sickness and fever. Then, you should make your child understand that you will help him/her out of the mess if he/she goes to the bathroom instead of going outside.

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After knowing what to do and what not to do, you should begin using your mouthpiece. Your child will have his/her face pressed against the nose of the mouthpiece. In this position, you should blow gently into the mouthpiece to clear the airways. You should repeat this several times until your child feels better. It is important that you teach your child to get rid of excess mucus from his/her nose as excess mucus will lead to sinusitis, which is very contagious.