My Baby Will Not Take A Bottle! What Are Some Alternatives?

My baby won’t take a bottle properly. My baby is three months and he just does not prefer to have a bottle when he drinks. He will drink water from a cup more than he ever drinks a bottle. There are other things that upset him too, like having the baby brush his teeth, so I had to find ways to help my baby. Here is what I did to help my baby have a more pleasant experience while he is nursing.

my baby wont take a bottle

Try new things. The baby has not taken bottle feeding for very long and he may be a little shocked. So you should try out some new things. If he would rather nurse on his own, you can hold the pacifier in his mouth for him while you give him the bottle. You can even try putting your finger in his mouth or a finger in his nose instead of the bottle.

Try something different when you are both at the sink. Make sure you are using lukewarm water and not scalding hot. Try swabbing your baby’s bottom with a paper towel. You might be surprised by how good it feels if you use warm water on your baby’s bottom.

Put the pacifier away in his sleep. This may sound stupid but try it. Bottle feeding is not natural for baby and if you want him to have a more peaceful sleep, try to put the pacifier away when he is asleep. This will help him get used to sleeping with mommy or dad.

Milk in a cup is a good idea. This way you can keep a bit of it handy when you need to. Some babies like to have milk with their meals. If this is the case when you bottle feed your baby, you should only offer breast milk for awhile. You can mix a small amount of formula with breast milk to make up for the lost nutrition.

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Bottle feeding your baby every three hours works well. You can also try to put the pacifier back in his mouth when he wakes up in the middle of the night. My baby learned well when I would do that. If he isn’t hungry, he won’t cry for no reason. That’s one of the reasons why he is so good at other things as well.

My baby won’t take a bottle until he is ready. At first, he was fine without a bottle but as the months went by, he got more comfortable without them. He now prefers to get food from the bottle. Bottle feeding is much easier for him than trying to nurse from the breast. He also loves the feeling of being able to control his bottle.

If you bottle feed and want your baby to be bottle fed for a while, wait until he is a little older. The older he gets the less likely he is going to cry for a bottle. When he does start to cry, wait a few minutes and then try to give him a bottle again. If that doesn’t work, you may need to check into something that is more sophisticated. If you still aren’t happy with the bottle, and you have tried everything else, you might consider considering a hypoallergenic bottle which has a small amount of rice cereal in it instead of the milk.

My baby was fine with using the pacifier. It seemed to work well for him and his parents were relieved that he was finally old enough to try out the pacifier. The only issue was that he really started to dread using it because of all the fuss that it caused. It also makes the baby uncomfortable. If that is something that bothers you, then you may want to try giving him the pacifier instead.

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There are also some foods that my baby won’t take a bottle to. One of them is bananas. They are a rough treat for babies and they can’t help it but to tear up. So if you give him bananas, be sure not to give him too many because he might choke on it. He might also try to choke on the bottle itself which is a serious problem that can lead to severe problems.

Your baby is unique and your little one is special. So remember that there is nothing wrong with you trying to bottle feed your baby. You just need to find what works for your baby and keep at it. Keep bottle feeding until he is old enough to try the other methods out.