Is This Really a Healthy Way to Feed Your Baby?

cluster feeding

Is This Really a Healthy Way to Feed Your Baby?

If you’ve gone through the process of trying to give birth, you might have heard about or experienced cluster feeding. This can be a very scary and frustrating experience for new moms. If you’re having trouble with it, here are some ways to help.

-Fussiness: Most women will tell you that cluster feeding can be extremely stressful and physically draining. Many women feel uncomfortable and exhausted from the constant fighting with their babies, trying to feed them, and changing their baby’s feeding position. Some women even say that they feel like a failure, or they simply lose faith in being able to breastfeed anymore.

-Chronic fussiness: One of the most common complaints from mothers is that they don’t feel like they can breastfeed anymore, because they’re constantly going to feed again within a minute or two. Even when they are just changing their baby’s diaper, they will be interrupted several times during the feeding session. As you can imagine, this can lead to severe physical symptoms, such as headaches, exhaustion, and soreness. Some women even report experiencing memory loss, or forgetfulness. You may think you’re a failure as a mother.

-No Comfortable Breasts: It’s very difficult to get comfortable and feel confident while nursing your baby. Women commonly describe their feelings as sore or as being constantly distracted. Many also report that they got used to nursing at a certain speed, so when they were changing their baby’s diapers, they were rushing to get the baby out before the other milk had absorbed. When they tried to go back to normal feeding speeds, they said they became uncomfortable again. The frustration and inconvenience can really wear on a new mom, which can affect the whole family.

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– contaminated bottles: If your breast milk supply is contaminated, your baby isn’t getting enough nutrients. This can also cause you to experience complications, including colic, irritability, and dehydration. The problem with dirty nappies is that the germs from the dirty nappies can get inside the bottle, which can then enter your baby’s system. If you want to avoid the complications from contaminated bottles, you should make sure you change your breast milk supply before you put the bottle in the water.

-Unhealthy Schedules: Another problem that can cause difficulties for new moms is irregular or very frequent scheduling conflicts. Some moms find that their schedules interfere with their child’s normal sleeping and nursing schedules. Because of these problems, cluster feeding often needs to be supplemented by evening nursing sessions. However, it can be difficult for many women to find adequate amounts of time to nurse each night.

-No snack breaks: Even though your baby is getting plenty of nutrients when he is hungry, he may not be satisfied if he has to eat his usual snacks later in the day. When you are trying to encourage proper sleeping and nursing patterns, make sure you give your child at least a couple of snack breaks throughout the day. You should also ask your baby to eat smaller, more frequent meals during the day, as opposed to the usual three large meals you might eat in a typical day. A couple of small snacks might be all the difference for some babies.

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In short, cluster feeding can work, but only if you make sure your baby gets plenty of nourishment and attention every feeding session. This can be hard to do, especially if you are always running on time, but it is important for your child. The formula you are using needs to be nutritious and the doctor’s office should be able to provide your child with some suggestions for a healthy diet and nutrition program. Keep track of what you are eating every feeding session, and make sure the doctor’s office knows how many times you should return to check on your child. If you follow these recommendations, your child can benefit from this type of feeding, and you can get on with your usual life.