How Do I Get My Child To Brush His/Her Teeth?

My child won’t brush his/her teeth. I know that it is not his fault because he has told me so many times. Well, I tried other methods to make him brush his/her teeth but nothing worked. What now?

my child wont brush her teeth

My first stop was the dentist, because he was recommended by his Doctor. His teeth are in good condition and he was a good candidate for bridging or a partial denture. But there was one problem, he could not afford to get one as his savings have dried up due to the recession. Since there is no such procedure that I can find, I have been looking for a way to encourage my son to start brushing his teeth. I have also noticed that my teeth are becoming more sensitive and dry.

So, I gave in and gave him some sweets that he likes. The next thing I did was to use mouthwash. But, it has been two days already and I still have not found anything that works to make my child won’t like to brush his/her teeth. I even called the Dentist and explained him my dilemma.

According to him, I should not worry too much. He advised me to use natural toothpaste that I can purchase at the store. I used the same toothpaste that my mother used. It did not work, to tell you the truth.

I tried different brands of toothpastes that I found online. Nothing worked. I even tried vinegar and orange juice to see if those would work. They did nothing to make my child won’t like to brush. Even though, his teeth were white when we met, I guess that they got yellowed when he went back to his bottle of toothpaste.

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Then, I tried giving him some mints or other chewing gums to chew on during brushing time. Again, nothing worked. I even tried giving him some saltines to chew on. Those too, did not work. I simply could not figure out what I was doing wrong.

Finally, I realized that perhaps I was just too old-fashioned for my child to understand. The toothpaste, despite having a good taste, does not have any chemicals in it. This is why I was using it to brush his/her teeth. But, that was my mistake. I was too young to realize the effects of these chemicals.

I realized that there are so many more things that my child won’t like to brush his/her teeth with. I realized that I needed to find something else to brush his/her teeth with. So, I went online and did some research. I found all sorts of toothpastes and toothbrush options. And, I began to use those.

Today, I still use toothpastes to brush my child’s teeth. I also use a good toothbrush. I prefer the rounded ends of the toothbrushes. This keeps the teeth from curling up during brushing. I also use a variety of toothpastes to find the one that my child likes the best.

My child does not like the lemon taste of some toothpastes. So, I use a mint flavor toothpaste. It works well, actually. But, if my child does not like mint, I will go with the regular mint flavor.

I also give my child a book to read. This keeps him stimulated while he is brushing his/her teeth. I let him choose a book from a few choices. It usually doesn’t take long for him to choose. But, he often has a hard time getting into the book and reading it. This is another way to get him/her interested in brushing.

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Finally, when my child does not brush his/her teeth, I reach over and brush his/her teeth with my finger. This usually gets him/her interested in brushing. Also, when brushing, I reach over and pet my child. This helps stimulate the gums and enamel of the teeth.