Don’t Buy Any More Junk Food In The Home

My child won’t eat anything but chocolate. It’s as simple as that. I can see the logic in his eyes when he asks me that question. It isn’t like he is asking why he can’t eat sweets and junk food. He isn’t even asking why I won’t feed him healthy food – he is simply asking for help in deciding what to eat.

my child wont eat anything but junk food

I do not know how to make my child understand why I do not like sweet foods and junk foods all the time. I know I do not like to see my children suffer or live a life of utter poverty and misery. And I also know I cannot teach my child to be a healthy and happy person if I don’t get what I want from them. So my way of helping him make up his mind is by changing the things around him. I do this by making sure my child always has fresh fruit and vegetables on hand.

Let’s start with the kitchen. You see, before we eat our breakfast (which is usually our first meal of the day), my son goes to school ready to eat something. Instead of having me prepare the food, I just grab some boxes of cereal from the local store and put it in the vending machine. When my child gets back home, I take out the boxes of cereal and snacks and place them in the vending machine.

My child doesn’t want to eat anything but sweet foods and junk food. So if I buy him candy and cookies, he will probably think about getting some of those, too. Instead, I find creative ways to get him to eat vegetables. I mix some veggies in with a bowl of macaroni and cheese and serve that on the side.

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Another way to make sure my child eats vegetables is to make his own “raw” pasta. All you need are some minced onions, some minced zucchini and maybe some mushrooms, which my husband happens to like. Mix all the ingredients together and cook it according to the directions on the box until it’s al dente. Then just add a bit of marinara or red sauce, some cheese and make it into spaghetti!

Another way to get my child to eat vegetables is to make a healthy raw salad. I chop up lots of carrots, red onions, cherry tomatoes and green onions, which my kids don’t like, but they do like cucumbers. I chop them up very finely and then I put the chopped vegetables on a salad bowl with some lightly steamed baby spinach.

Another way to make junk food taste good and be healthy is to make your own smoothies. Smoothies are a great alternative to traditional smoothies made with fruit and ice cream because they have a nice texture and you control the amount of sweeteners in them. You can vary the sweetness by adding different types of syrups or honey. You can use frozen fruits as a base or use fresh fruit instead.

As parents, we can do something about our children’s junk diet by making junk foods fun. Instead of just sitting down and watching them eat all day, why not spice things up a little bit? Serve them in a “healthy” dessert when they get dessert and surprise them with something else they normally wouldn’t expect to eat. Try serving junk food for lunch one day and junk for dinner the next. You will probably find that your kids love it a lot more than you thought they would!

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