A Busy Moms Guide On How To Keep Your House Clean In 15 Minutes a Day

busy moms guide how to keep your house clean in 15 minutes a day

A Busy Moms Guide On How To Keep Your House Clean In 15 Minutes a Day

Every busy mom wants to know how to keep your house clean, and stay organized! No one wants their living space to be a mess. It’s just not clean! How can you make it clean, fast and easy? Here is a little peek!

Clear counters. counters is a very big word, but what it means is simple. Do away with all the piles of dirty, crumpled paper in the corners! Toss it out!

Get rid of that mess from last week’s groceries in the refrigerator. Don’t throw them out. They are perfectly healthy and still have good taste. Put them in a Tupperware container and add some fresh herbs and spices. Your home will smell delicious and clean.

Clear the clutter from the windows. The windows are usually the culprits of tons of dust, dirt and random household items cluttering your house. Take the time every morning to vacuum, sweep and mop the windows. If you have kids, take them to bed before you go to work and let them sleep with their toys outside. The less stress you place on the windows, the better they will look in the morning when you wake up.

Clear closets and pantries. Have you forgotten what you put in your cabinet? How many of your favorite spices are expired? Throw them out or put them in a spice rack it’s up to you!

Get rid of all the knick knacks that are cluttering up your home. There is no way you are going to organize your home if you have a bunch of useless junk lying around. Get rid of any books you don’t need or any movies you never watch. You will feel so much better when you get rid of unwanted things from your life.

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Organize your closets. Now that you have less junk around, you will be able to see what items you actually need. Once you’ve organized your home, its time to check it out! Go through each room and eliminate whatever is not needed or damaged. Put everything back in its proper place in your closet. If you have any rugs or a carpet, now would be the time to take them down.

That is it! See, didn’t we promise you that you would be done with this in 15 minutes? Good for us, mom! Your house will look absolutely beautiful, and you will feel so much better about being a mom once you are done!

Did you know that cleaning is considered as one of the most essential chores in our homes? That is why it is important to learn these tips. There is nothing more annoying than seeing dirty carpets or furniture. You will also feel guilty if you do not clean the dishes or even the upholstery. Cleaning your home will even give you a fulfilling feeling knowing that you did something good for your family!

Some people use throw rugs everywhere. They think that it makes their house look more appealing and stylish. In fact, some homeowners use throw rugs as hiding spots for hiding stuffs like money and important documents. Before you do that, make sure that you are not finding yourself in that kind of a sticky situation! Use these tips and you won’t have any problem at all!

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Some moms find it hard to decorate their home because they don’t have any skills at all. Don’t worry about that now! If you are having problems decorating your home, you can always hire a home decorator! There are lots of talented and experienced home decorators who will gladly do the job for you. They usually come with great ideas and wonderful packages that are really affordable. They can help you find and purchase the right things that you need to spruce up your home.

Some people tend to neglect their children when at home. It really takes a special effort from a mom or dad to spend quality time with their kids. If you have extra time, you should teach your kids the importance of sharing and taking turns. Teaching your kids early on will make them learn and follow rules better as they grow older!

These are some of the tips that busy moms can use in organizing their homes. If you try these ideas, you will find it easy to stay organized. It will definitely be worth all your effort in the long run. Your home is a place where you should feel comfortable, relax and free. That’s why it is important to keep it clean and organized at all times!